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It's Time For Coffee

Jun 25, 2018

My new friend is Megan she is the founder of DEFINING YOUR TRUEan non profit that reminds girls and women of every age to love their bodies. This girl has her eyes set on helping others, cheering them on to love themselves right where they are. We talked a lot about her fitness journey and how it’s changed over the years. She is not one to shy away from the truth but to stand rooted in what she believes is and is persuing her best life!

Megan is young by so wise, she reminded me to take a step back and remember what all my body is capable of, and that I need to focus on celebrating my body instead of punishing it!

Links/ Recommendations

Megan is loving HINT WATER

She’s re-reading REDEEMING LOVEby Francine Rivers

Megan is also loving her friend’s Jesus Rap check him out on instagram @tobenwige

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