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It's Time For Coffee

Jun 11, 2018

Katie Ganshert is a wife and amazing mom to two sweet kiddos. I met her while we were both in the process of adopting our sweet daughters from the DRC in Africa. We each have a daughter with special needs and that is something we continue to bond over.

She is also an AMAZING author!

After I read THE GIFTING TRILOGY  I had a TOTAL fan girl moment...I KNEW HER and SHE WROTE THESE BOOKS!! It was a pretty dramatic moment in my head!

Katie is so wise and kind and I love that she came on the show to tell us all about her latest book NO ONE EVER ASKED. Which I have read and will not stop talking about. I believe the conversations that will happen because of this book will be the catalyst so much change!

Katie is passionate about many things, one being super mindful of her daughter seeing people who look like her. I love how her family just recently sold their house and moved so they could be apart of a more diverse community and their heart behind it all is so pure.

 Links/ Recommendations

Gosh, we talked about a a few different podcasts! Here they are for you to go search out:


Books: anything and everything by LIANE MORIARTYbut our favorite by here is WHAT ALICE FORGOT and SMALL GREAT THINGS by JODI PICOULT 

You can find all of Katie's books on AMAZON and I recommend them all!!

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